Helika® & TURTL®

HELIKA®, Esperanto means "snail"

TURTL®, the one specifically for bathroom sinks and meaning "turtle" in Esperanto

HELIKA® offers sinks, faucets and kitchen accessories

TURTL®, which offers washbasins and bathroom faucets.

TURTL® and HELIKA® are inspired by two of the most fascinating aquatic and natural creatures: the turtle and the snail. These two animals embody the idea of living at a slower pace, appreciating the simple pleasures of life and being in tune with nature. The slow life philosophy is firmly rooted and encourages a careful and calm approach to everyday life. Our passion is finding the best shapes and materials for granite sinks, modern faucets and accessories, as well as innovation and creating products that offer value and satisfaction.

Slow life is more than a philosophy, it is a lifestyle that focuses on balance, simplicity and meaningfulness. We know modern life can be fast and stressful, but we believe that taking the time to enjoy life's little pleasures is important for your well-being. The company's products are designed to support a relaxed lifestyle and create a warm and caring atmosphere in the kitchen and bathroom. The brand's goal is to focus production on long-term household products.